US President is moved into a White House bunker!

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29/30/31 May 2020

Pentecost (Angels descend) - Friday evening spark that ignited the rage.

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June 2020

Power & Popularity of BLM (the engine that drives the mother Movement)

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October 2020

New Year 2021 - Release Feast starts September/October and celebrates the release of all the downtrodden, oppressed and persecuted.

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November 2020/1

Fall of Pharaoh's taskmaster and the Leader of the German (Fraternity?) on the Release Year, the Holy Feast celebrated every 7th year.

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November 2020/1

Release Year also known as the Shemitah/Sabbatical Year is the Year of Rest. This Feast always falls on a Jubilee (50th) Year - celebrates the return of land.

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2013 - 2019/20 

Cape Town: Khoi, San, Griqua mixed family, it is time to take back your land and

lead. The brain behind the mergers & consolidation - ANC Youth League (Cape)

Exodus 5:

The number of enslaved are many and Moses is sent to Pharaoh to ask him to: "Let God's People GO". Pharaoh refuses, and subjects the global enslaved to even harder and more cruel bondage.  


Exodus 6:

Moses is sent to all the people too assure them that God will liberate them. But the people become impatient and don't listen They accuse Moses of having brought even more ills on them - mass killings.

Plagues of Egypt Exodus 7



Jerusalem the Mother

City of Resistance