US President is moved into a White House bunker!

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29/30/31 May 2020

Friday evening spark that ignited the rage. June/July sweeps US states. By

Aug. Portland in Oregon (40+ missing kids) reels & Kenosha in Wisconsin burns.

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June 2020

The hardline Trump supporter Tucker Carlson on the power and popularity of the International US Civil Rights Movement  - Black Lives Matter (BLM)!?

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September 2020

Caught behind child abduction, human trafficking, drug dealing, pimping, I.D. fraud and wiping out Bank accounts - the start of a long overdue clean - up!

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October 2020

Trade Unions, the first to endorse SA's President Ramaphosa, today, they march against him - demanding the arrests of more high ranking ANC officials.

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November 2020

Trump was not selected as a normal US President. You'll be SHOCKED to find out how 'The Law' exposes the real agenda behind the fallen German Leader.

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2013 - 2019/20 

Cape Town: Khoi, San, Griqua mixed family, it is time to take back your land and

lead. The brain behind the mergers & consolidation - ANC Youth League (Cape)